I. Head Porting | Back to Services
Our head porting is done in 3 stages. Our stage l is a mild clean up of the stock design. We clean up casting flash, clean up the bowl area and port match the intake and exhaust ports. Some heads require a lot more porting than others. Example, the stock head on a Dodge Neon SOHC has a very poor bowl area on the exhaust side, this will need more work done to it than say a Chevy Vortec head would.

Stage l heads are perfect for a mild build up. This is for the budget minded who want a improved flowing head, but cannot afford the high prices of aftermarket heads.

Stage ll has more extensive work done in the bowl area and on some applications, there will be some reshaping of the ports themselves to some degree. These are great street/strip set ups and will work with forced induction.

Our stage lll port jobs are going to be used for VERY high performance street and strip. To see the full potential of the Stage lll, you will need to run headers and an improved intake set up.

On all stage ll and stage lll heads, we will need to find out every detail about your engine package prior to any grinding to make sure your port work is matched to what you need. We believe in porting for high velocity and volume. We specialize in turbo charged applications. We have an in house flow bench that we use to test the flow before and after the port job. We can also check how well your intake flows when bolted up to your head to make sure your intake matches your head.

II. Intake Manifold Porting | Back to Services
We can port your stock intake manifold for maximum air flow.

III. Exhaust Manifold Porting | Back to Services
We can port your exhaust manifold for maximum air flow.

IV. Engine Coatings | Back to Services
  1. Dry film lubricant
    1. Pistons
    2. Cam shafts
    3. Bearings
    4. Valves
    5. Intake manifolds
    6. Intake ports on heads
  2. Ceramic coatings (Internal)
    1. Piston tops
    2. Valve faces
    3. Exhaust ports on heads
    4. Exhaust manifolds
  3. Ceramic coatings (External)
    1. Exhaust manifolds
    2. Turbine housing on turbo
    3. Down pipes
    4. Headers

V. Powder Coatings | Back to Services
Coming Soon.

VI. Ceramic Coatings | Back to Services
Coming Soon.